Terms of service

Građevinsko-uslužno-prijevoznički obrt ŠIMIČIĆ vl. Ivan Šimičić, Okruški put 1, 21223 Okrug Gornji, shall rent vehicles to the renter identified on the front of this Agreement on the following terms and conditions:

  1. By signing this agreement the renter agrees that he/she is bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein.
  2. Renter shall be held liable for any damage to the vehicle caused through renter’s fault during the rental period. The cost of damage caused by the renter shall be collected on the spot according to current price list. In case of an accident, renter must inform the local police, who will make a report on the accident and protect the vehicle during the procedure.
  3. Rental fee is exclusive of fuel.
  4. In addition to the rental fee, renter shall pay a security deposit at the time of renting the vehicle. The deposit will be refunded upon expiry of the lease provided the renter does not violate any of the provisions of this Agreement. At the time of signing the Agreement renter must report the journey route to be specified in the Agreement. Renter is also obliged to hand over his/her passport or identity card to be returned upon returning the vehicle.
  5. During the rental period, renter shall be insured against third-party liability according to Croatian law and insurance regulations.
  6. If for whatever reason the renter terminates the Agreement prior to the expiration of the rental term, he/she shall not be entitled to any refund of the rental charges.
  7. Scooters and motorcycles can carry only two persons. If they are used for more than two persons, renter will forfeit the deposit.
  8. Vehicle is to be operated solely by the renter (or other driver if specified) or otherwise the renter shall forfeit the deposit.
  9. It is not allowed to sit on scooters or motorcycles while parked.
  10. Rental fee includes a helmet for which renter bears the responsibility.
  11. In case of differences in interpretation of the Croatian and English texts, the Croatian text shall prevail.
  12. Any disputes between the parties hereto shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the competent court in Trogir.